Safety In Heavy Equipment Maintenance

Written by Rika Andini

October 7, 2021

The importance of paying attention to safety in doing work is the major factor to maintain a sense of security for all parties.⁠

The following are general warnings for safety in implementing maintenance: ⁠

️1. Use a wear pack safety, safety shoes, gloves. Use helmet & glasses when necessary.⁠.

2. If the maintenance work is carried out by over one person, coordinate the work for safety and to prevent miscommunication.⁠

3. Prevent unauthorized persons from approaching the unit being inspected.⁠

4. Always use spare parts recommended by the manufacturer.⁠

5. Use oil, grease, coolant, recommended by the manufacturer.⁠

6. Use lubricants that are clean, both lubricants, places and tools for the filling process.⁠

7. Check or change the oil in a place that is not dusty, to prevent contamination. ⁠

Find some high-quality tools for filling lubricant to comply with your lubricant routine.

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