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  • Popular Food Grade Plastic

    Popular Food Grade Plastic

    What is food grade plastic? Food Grade plastic is a type of plastic that is safe to use for storing food and beverages. It is important to pay attention to the type of plastic used as security so that no harmful substances enter food, beverages, lubricating oil, water, liquid solutions, and others. Human awareness of… View Article

  • Uses Of Lubricating Oil

    Uses Of Lubricating Oil

    Lubricant is the blood for the engines, machines, tools and equipment. Let us look at some of the key uses of lubricating oils and its application across industries. It’s used in several industries. Lubrication is the heart of the engine and machineries. Following are some uses: It Prevents The Metal Surface Corrosion Lubricating oil prevents… View Article

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  • Bramante Perkasa
    Panto Perkasa Australia Pty Ltd

    Reliable products that attract end users with less than 0.01% returns in the last 8 years. Resellers love this “reduced-SKU” concept to manage their stock more efficiently. iCan Group Limited has been very responsive and to our queries and always been super helpful towards our needs.