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  • Astriven

    iCan appoints with Astriven S.A 

    In 2022, iCan Group Ltd expanded it’s network by establishing a partnership with Astriven S.A. in Ecuador-South America, a company developed in the processing of engineering lubricants. The company is engaged in oil analysis, micro filtering, filtration systems, and pipe flushing, which provides services for various industries hydroelectric generators, refineries. This business relationship will allow… View Article

  • Representaciones y Servicios Tecnológicos SpA

    iCan appoints with Representaciones y Servicios Tecnológicos SpA

    To further enhance our service and sales presence in 2022, we have forged a successful partnership with a company in Metropolitana de Santiago, Chile. Representaciones y Servicios Tecnológicos SpA is a company that was established in 2014 to represent, design and produce lubricants and equipment for high-demand lubrication. Through this business relationship, we will serve… View Article

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  • bramante
    Bramante Perkasa
    Panto Perkasa Australia Pty Ltd

    Reliable products that attract end users with less than 0.01% returns in the last 8 years. Resellers love this “reduced-SKU” concept to manage their stock more efficiently. iCan Group Limited has been very responsive and to our queries and always been super helpful towards our needs.