Best Lubricant Oil Container for Mechanical Industry

Written by Widya Wiyaniputri

September 29, 2021


Some people, especially those who work in the automotive industry or heavy equipment machinery or factories that have printing machines and others who certainly need oil for lubrication regularly, so that these tools can always operate properly and are regularly maintained. Here, especially in Indonesia, there are still many people pouring or transferring oil from a large oil container or container to the engine hole to be filled with oil, to simplify the pouring process, they still use a Jerry Can made of aluminum, or a Jerry Can which is commonly used Jerry can funnel shaped.

However, the use of funnel-shaped jerry can in the long term. There are bad things. Using a funnel-shaped oil jerry can have a high risk of contaminants. Oil jerry cans as a funnel do not have a tight lid. And often we see jerry cans placed in dirty places or on dirty shelves filled with dust or splashed with water. When going to transfer oil using the oil funnel, the oil has been polluted by dust, sand or water that is invisible to the eye. The oil will enter the engine in conditions that are no longer clean or contaminated. Because if the oil is polluted by dust, sand and especially water, it will make engine components more susceptible to rust.

For this reason, it is important for a machinist, or machine user, to know about the quality of good lubricating oil for a machine, so that the machine to be used can operate perfectly so that the machine can be used for a long time (not easily damaged) by avoiding or prevent contamination.

To avoid contamination of the oil, there are several alternative options, one of which is the Selection of the right Oil Jerry can (Container) that can prevent or at least reduce the possibility of contamination. How to choose the right Jerry Can? certainly Jerry Can, with a complete facilitator with a jerry, can cover. at iCan Indonesia, there are Oil Containers and lids made of plastic labeled HDPE, and anti-UV so they are sturdy and have excellent resistance to most living and industrial chemicals. It can resist corrosion and dissolution of strong oxidants, acid-base salts and organic solvents.

oil transfer container
Best Lubricant Oil Container for Mechanical Industry

This iCan Oil Transfer Container makes our work or transfer oil more effective. Does not spill, safe and certainly avoid contamination. For product details, please visit our Tokopedia: iCan Indonesia. And find what you’re looking for!