Why iCan Fluid Transfer Container?

Written by Yulia Pertiwi

October 13, 2021

People will wondering why we need to trust and buy iCan Fluid Transfer container? What makes it worth to buy?

So we here to explain you what makes the iCan Fluid Transfer Container a market leader :

1. iCan fluid transfer system reduces potential for contamination of lubricants. Improves workplace house keeping and significantly improves lubricant transfer and storage problems. Simple, safe and easy to use
2. Easy to read contents gauge in imperial and metric graduations to ensure accurate delivery of lubricant when dispensing
3. Designed with a square base for greater stability when transporting and use in the workplace
4. Innovative color coding and labeling system for easier identification of fluid contents. Available with 10 vibrant colours to potential mix up when dispensing
5. Large plastic pouch for additional colour coding or storage of MSDS information
6. 3 handy sized containers suitable for large or small top ups or service needs. Available in 2 Liter , 5 Liter and 10 Liter.
7. The iCan fluid transfer system container have a 24 month no nonsense warranty
8. The iCan Fluid transfer system was registered in the British Virgin Islands in 2006 and manufactured in Indonesia and exported around the globe since 2011. with distributors in Australia, Norway, USA, France, Trinida & Tabago, South Africa, Middle East, Asia and India.The Ican Fluid Transfer system is delivering to tangible results to our customer.Find out our iCan Fluid Transfer System products and accessories right now! 

iCan Fluid Transfer System
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