2 Litre iCan™ Containers

2 Litre iCan™ Containers

2 litre iCan™ container for smaller lubrication task. Rugged and sturdy iCan™ containers made from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE).

iCan™ containers are UV and static resistant for further protection for your expensive synthetic lubricants and equipment life.

Use with the iCanTMPour Lid or iCanTMPump/Storage lid for added fluid for easier jobs.

Identify – Store – Pour

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Square Shaped Container
fit neatly on shelves, increased stability and stacking, and provide a large area for visible labeling. Safer to transport

Large Carrying Handle
Safe and easy way to carry iCanTM Containers

Dual start thread enables the container handle to position for a right or left handed user, making the graduated measuring scale highly visible at all times

Made from HDPE high impact plastic with UV stabilizers and Anti Static to ensure long life. Proven in HARSH Australian Mining Condition

iCanTM Containers fit any sized iCanTM Lids

Can be use with any of the iCanTM pour, storage/ pump lids.

ships with contents labels