What is a Lubrication System?

Written by Widya Wiyaniputri

February 18, 2022

Lubrication system in vehicles

Lubrication is a system in vehicles wherein the lubricant is collected, sucked, filtered, and then distributed thoroughly to every part of the engine. Vehicle engine components will generate heat when they rub against each other. To reduce the friction effect, a lubrication system is needed.

Machine components

Machine components are mostly made of metal, the friction work system and natural changes make the metal rust. Lubrication system can prevent rust. Because the lubricant that flows into every component of the car will provide protection against the outer surface.

When there are two components that rub against each other, it creates a fairly high heat temperature. Thanks to the lubricant that flows into these components, the heat will be absorbed so that the temperature measurement is cool again and there are no overheating problems.

Filters iron impurities automatically

The lubricant will also carry iron impurities into the crankcase or oil reservoir. In this oil reservoir, iron impurities will be filtered and collected by a magnet that has been installed. Cleanliness of the lubricant is also considered because, before it is distributed to various engine components, there is a filtering process using an oil filter.

With all the useful functions of the lubrication system, you make sure that there is always a maximum working lubricant in the engine.

It is recommended to check the lubricating oil regularly.