The Benefits of Using Pallets

Written by Rika Andini

February 21, 2022

Businesses all across the world use pallets for the shipment and storage of goods. iCan Group Ltd is a manufacturer and exporter of industrial goods, provide the best service to our buyers. One of them is to handle the delivery of goods. We use pallets for shipping large quantity products using containers.

Why, though, is this method so widely used? What are the benefits of these simple yet effective products?


The main and most important benefit of using pallets is that they make goods easier to transport. A pallet enables the stacking of smaller items, making it easier to keep track of the goods. Items stacked onto pallets are secured in place using various pallet protection methods, ensuring that they do not come loose or move about. Pallets come in universal sizes and shapes, meaning they are easy to lift and stack using forklifts and pallet jacks.


Pallets offer protection to goods by ensuring that they are secured in one place. Using pallet protection, including gusseted tubing and pallet wrap, keeps goods tightly packed and prevents them from moving about or coming loose. This helps to eliminate knocks and bumps of individual items during transit.


The Benefits of Using Pallets
The Benefits of Using Pallets


Pallets are much stronger than other shipping containers, including cardboard boxes. Their superior strength means that more items and heavier items can be stacked onto one pallet without it breaking. Pallets are also raised off the ground, ensuring that any items stacked on the pallet are not submerged in dirt, debris or water.


Pallets can be used over and over. They are often sent backwards and forwards between a manufacturer and a buyer dozens of times before they are no longer usable. Once they become tattered and past their best, they can be recycled.

Weight and size:

Pallets are lightweight given the size that they are and take up tiny space. They can be stacked up high, meaning floor space taken up is minimal. The light structure of the pallet means that little weight is added to the products being shipped. Pallets are light enough to be carried by one person.


Pallets on any material are completely recyclable. Plastic and metal pallets can be melted down and wooden pallets can be used in other projects, burned or shredded for compost.