Quality Control For Best Products

Written by Rika Andini

March 11, 2022

Quality Control is the activity of testing products in terms of quality and quantity during the production process and checking them up to the warehouse and ready to be sent to consumers. Ensuring that the products provided meet specific and reliable requirements, satisfy and function properly.

Likewise, oil container quality control activities implemented in our company. Made from HDPE plastic, which can be recycled, oil containers that do not pass the quality control process will be collected and crushed with a special machine to become plastic granules that can be used as the basic material for making other product parts. Identify products that do not meet the company specifications qualification standards (eliminate nonconformities) and problems identified by QC are taken action by QC staff who may stop production while the potential problem persists. 

By checking the product at the beginning, the costs, time, and energy possessed can be focused on quality development or perhaps business expansion. It must be maintained, because this is one aspect that can affect customer trust and loyalty.