Made in the Indonesia – The iCan oil transfer system provides an ergonomically designed solution to meet the fluid handling industry

Written by Rika Andini

January 21, 2022

Designed and developed by experienced British and American engineers, iCan makes the entire fluid transfer process easier, safer and faster.

Innovative solutions TM

Innovatively designed for oil containers to maintain machine tools.

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Which focuses on improving the functionality of machine tools for oil management

Helping Companies

Improve efficiency in the performance and best performance of machine tools to increase productivity and profitability.

The iCan system has far fewer SKU’s than competitor products through engineered design. Unique colour coding system for each lid and drum. Large data pouch to store MSDS and contents information on the drum. Closed system refill without removing the lid, giving additional protection to keep contents free from contamination. Accessory ports for desiccant filter or quick fill connectors. On / Off breathe style switch. Reduces operator fatigue.Square based drums for greater stability in transit. NATO Cage and Supply Numbers issued to iCan. Additional products introduced to enhance the range. Expanding global distribution reach in North America, Australia, Asia, Europe, Norway, Africa, Caribbean, Middle East, New Zealand, Brazil and sub Continent. , +852 305 192 70