iCan appoints with Astriven S.A 

Written by Rika Andini

October 5, 2022

In 2022, iCan Group Ltd expanded it’s network by establishing a partnership with Astriven S.A. in Ecuador-South America, a company developed in the processing of engineering lubricants.

The company is engaged in oil analysis, micro filtering, filtration systems, and pipe flushing, which provides services for various industries hydroelectric generators, refineries.

This business relationship will allow us to further expand our presence in the Ecuador market.

For any inquiry in Ecuador territory, please send to the following contacts:

Ing. María Soledad Román

Tel: 593-4-239 6605

Email: maria.roman@astriven.com

Address: Av. Miguel Hilario Alcívar 239 y Octava Este,Guayaquil, Ecuador

Website: www.astriven.com