Store the Remaining Oil Properly

Written by Rika Andini

July 27, 2022

Changing the oil is something that must be done for the vehicle engine, so that the vehicle still feels comfortable when used and becomes more durable.

Changing the oil can be done at an official workshop or you can do it yourself at home. When we change our own oil, sometimes we want to leave the oil to be used in the next replacement.

How do we save this leftover oil so we can use it the next time we change it?

Here are some tips on how to store leftover oil properly:

1.Close Tightly

Residual oil that has been used should be stored and closed tightly using a Pour lid or Pump lid from iCan, which will keep the oil free from water or dust contamination that can damage the quality of the oil.

2.Keep the Remaining Oil in a Special Place

Storage of residual oil is very influential in maintaining oil quality. Do not store oil directly on the floor because the cold floor can damage the additives and base oil. Store the remaining oil using the iCan™ Container which is available with 3 types of sizes with shapes that suit industrial needs, the design structure is strong and easy to carry so that it can be moved easily to avoid places exposed to direct sunlight, dust, or humidity.

3.Give a Sign

Marking on the remaining oil needs to be done to avoid using the remaining oil that has been stored for too long. Use the i-Band Elastic from iCan to mark the remaining oil. Oil that has been stored for too long is not good for reuse because it can damage machine tools.