Oil Vs Grease

Written by Rika Andini

June 3, 2022

In the mining industry, oil and grease are two important components for support equipment performance and protection despite the dirt, severe loads and harsh elements faced around the clock.

Below is the difference between oil and grease:

a. Definition from Oxford Dictionary

Oil: Any of many greasy usually liquid substances from plant, animal, or mineral sources that do not dissolve in water and are used especially as lubricants, fuels, and food.

Grease: any thick oily substance, especially one that is used to make machines run smoothly.

b. Texture

Oil: Oil is a liquid that is sticky 

Grease: Semisolid lubricant

c. Viscosity

Oil: Moderate to high

Grease: Very high

d. Type

Oil: Cooking oil, crude palm oil, Mineral oil, gear oil and so on

Grease: Lithium Grease,   Molybdenum Disulphide Grease, synthetic grease, 

e. Uses

Oil: It is used for cooking (vegetable oil), petroleum products, plastics (crude oil).

Grease: They are used in vessels, machines, vehicles for lubrication.