HFGuard, Argentina

Written by Catherin Advensya

June 19, 2024

In 2024, iCan Group Ltd proudly announces its continued global expansion, including a new partnership with HFGuard in Argentina. As the official distributor for the iCan Fluid Transfer System, HFGuard will play a pivotal role in bringing our innovative solutions to the Argentinian market.

HFGuard is dedicated to delivering exceptional lubrication solutions, and this partnership signifies a significant step in enhancing our network and market presence in Argentina. We anticipate a prosperous collaboration that fosters mutual growth and success.

For iCan product orders in Argentina, please contact:

Ing. Alfredo Mazzini
Tel.: +54-351-7000138
Email: info@hfguard.com
Address: Constituyente S. Salguero 644, Bº San Martín, Córdoba – Argentina
Website: www.hfguard.com