Best Practice for Labeling and Color Coding | Elastic iBand

Written by Yulia Pertiwi

August 11, 2021

Best Practice for Labeling and Color Coding | Elastic iBand

We have read so many tips and tricks on how to avoid mechanical failure. But do you ever realized one of the basic common issue is to control the ingress of contamination entering our machines? Yes, we need to ensure that every oil goes into our machine is the correct one. Colour-coded labeling system is one of the part solutions to avoid cross-contamination issues in a lubrication program.

In this article, we’re going to explain to you the best practices way to implement colour-coded labeling system anytime.

Labeling and color coding can be a very easy and economical way to organize information. There are so many companies provide you commercial solutions for labeling and color coding, but basically you can create your own system. It will eliminate human error so even inexperienced technicians staff can put the proper lubricant in the right machine just by seeing the label and cool coding.

So many companies offer you equipment for easy to practice labeling and color coding system in their workspace. But it comes with additional items to be purchased to get a functional system. If you don’t want to waste extra cost to have this labeling system, you can choose a product from iCan. by purchasing iCan pour lid you will get the labeling and color coding system with no additional cost. iBand is a simple solution for labelling and colour coding which available in 10 vibrant colours to full fill your requirements

Get iCan combo to complete your labeling and color coding system. iCan Fluid Transfer System simple but highly effective and easy to implement.

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