Tips for Maintaining Industrial Machine

Written by Rika Andini

September 20, 2021

The major task of maintenance is to maintain various kinds of equipment, machines, etc. in order to function properly, here are some functions and maintenance tasks;

1. Maintain equipment and supplies

This maintenance activity includes the maintenance and repair of all kinds of machine tools related to industrial activities or those related to the company so that they can run properly, and are always in prime condition. There is also a report as a journal recording of damage, or the condition of the machine used, which serves as a machine check in the future.

2. Replace and redistribute utilities

There are 2 kinds of repair activities that will be carried out here, namely; electrical repair and maintenance and mechanical repair and maintenance. Mechanical replacement is everything related to machine parts, while electrical repair and maintenance activities are replacing various kinds of machines related to electricity. Utilities What is meant by the distribution system of cooling water, lubricants, and various other components.

3. Inspection and lubrication process

Inspection activities are carried out to find various kinds of technical data to improve machine performance and maintenance. While lubrication is an activity to prevent wear and tear on some engine parts, especially engine parts that rub against each other and require a constant temperature. If a machine like this is not cared for properly, it will quickly break down.

In addition, the maintenance department must also provide various tools and equipment that can support and speed up production activities.

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