The important things about the project uniform

Written by Rika Andini

October 25, 2021

A few things to know about the project uniform

Project uniforms are very important to wear, especially at work, related to chemicals. Besides protecting themselves, it is also useful to inform the identity of the project/factory.

1. Function of the project suit

Project clothes have the major function of keeping the body safe from harm while working. The level of protection also has to be adjusted to the needs and fields of work of the employees. Because everyone’s field of work is different, for example, workers in mining, workshops, firefighters, and ship mechanics.

Project clothes are also useful in informing the identity of others who see them. Workers can appear uniform by wearing the project’s clothes. It can be marked from the color or model of the clothes people can distinguish.

2. Use of materials

The materials needed to make project clothes are fabrics or materials that are waterproof, fire-resistant, or other, as needed. Selected special materials to make the clothes perfect and can provide maximum protection. Project clothes are also made as comfortable as possible, especially if worn all day. Added light reflectors or reflectors for work areas in dim rooms or at night, so that they are useful as lighting when it is dark.

The reflector can reflect light so that the existing object can be seen, even though there is only a little light. It is necessary to choose an outstanding quality with maximum reflectance.

3. Project clothing model

The project clothes are designed with long sleeves, maximum protection can be got through the use of the project clothes, as well as the factory uniform design. Comprising 2 models, the first is a one-piece model, the part of the shirt that is connected to the long pants.

Long sleeves are chosen so that the whole body can be well and protected. Can avoid various scratches or fires that can cause injury.

4. By function

When viewed from the function, project clothing is also divided into two types, ordinary project clothing and safety project clothing. The major function of these two clothes is to protect the wearer, but the difference is in terms of priority of protection. Project safety clothing is designed for safety clothing by using fire-resistant materials and is equipped with reflective materials. Worn by workers who need high protection, for example firefighters.