The Importance of Product Labelling

Written by Putri Dewi

July 21, 2022

Label is the identity of a product. Without labels, we cannot differentiate one product from another. The label is a very important part of a product so that consumers can get the product as expected. Some of the major industries that require labels for their products are: Food & Beverage, Candy and Chocolate Industry, Pharmacy, Personal Care, Cosmetics/beauty, Toys, Electronics, Cars and Motorcycles (Oil), Chemicals (Chemical), Household and Retail.

Labelling is part of the product as a description of both words and images that function as a source of product information and identification tags. Product label is the identity of a product to be marketed. Labels provide information about the name or brand of the product, raw materials, additional ingredients in the composition, expiration date, product contents and legality information.

Labelling as means as of communication between producers and consumers about things that consumers need to know about the product, especially things that are visible or not physically known. Provide instructions to consumers to get optimum product functions, advertising means and provide a sense of security for consumers.

Same as labeling in a product. Labeling in the lubrication industry is also very important to minimize the risk of topping off equipment with the wrong fluid

Labeling in the lubrication industry can help workers do their jobs. Labeling can be easily done by using the iCan product with an elastic i-Band grease, i-Grease tag, Elastic i-Band, i-Pouch, i-Tag kits. Equipped with various colors, such as red, orange, yellow, light green, green, blue, purple, brown, gray, and black.

With many of the colors that can help for industrial lubrication labeling. Can help you make it easier to identify the lubricants you have.