Multifunctional Manual Oil Pump

Written by Rika Andini

March 29, 2022

Since 2011, the iCan Hand Piston Pump has been present to complement and perfect the iCan Oil transfer system product. This manual pump can be used for a wide variety of fluid transfer applications. For example, oil, water, liquid chemicals and so on.

The multifunctional hand pump from iCan is equipped with several components that support the product to be increasingly ahead in the market:

* Made of aluminium, anti-rust and leak-proof equipped with a wire ring inside. 
* Extension sleeve as an extension of the oil pump body. 
* Viscosity of 140 SAE at a temperature of 0° Celsius. 
* Long pump hose and elastic for easy used to reach hard corners

This pump has a 1.5 meter oil pump hose that can be installed with oil container/oil container iCan size 5L & 10L or with suitable threaded opening. The combination of oil container products with an iCan pump lid and iCan hand piston pump becomes a complete package of engine lubricant transfer and storage solutions. This product has also been used in various countries, such as Australia, USA, Oman, Brazil, New Zealand, Indonesia, Trinidad & Tobago, South Africa and France.


Hand Pump Piston

The iCan Hand Piston Pump was also created to be the answer to difficulties when reaching out of reach oil filling holes. Of course, engine lubrication activities are now more efficient and practical.