6 mm iCan™ Pour Lid

6 mm iCan™ Pour Lid

iCan™ 6 mm pour lid is a convenient, mid size lid suitable for most lubrication jobs. The 6mm nozzle is ideal for medium viscosity liquids requiring faster dispensing rates and where standard size lubrication port is available.

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On / Off Button

Reduce operator fatigue and potential RSI accidents. The iCan™ simple on/off switch provides a smooth flow of lubricants when pouring. Added protection when in the off position against costly spills.

Large Carrying Handles
safe and easy way to carry iCan™ Containers

Quick Refill Port
25 mm Wide opening with cap allows containers to be refilled without removing entire lid. Add a quick coupling for a closed loop refill

Deliver clean, contaminants free lubricants where need. Identify – Store – Pour

Innovative Color Coding
and labeling systems improves fluid identification and minimizes the risk of topping off equipment with the wrong fluid, and starting cross-contaminant

Accessories Port
designed for installation of desiccant filters for added safety

iCan™ Pour Lids fit any sized iCan™ Containers